Christmas is Coming... Have You Been Naughty?

Red Ribbons and Blue Balls is a short Holiday Spanking Story about a sweet good girl gone BRAT and her poor unsuspecting HoH Husband. Check out the quick excerpt below...

I tugged off the beautiful ribbon, loving the feel of it on my fingers and pulled off the top of the box. I spread opened the tissue paper.

“Oh, wow.”

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“I love it.”

I reached into the box and pulled out the large handmade paddle hairbrush, letting my fingers grazed over the tufts of pale-tipped boar bristles. As far as hairbrushes went, this was one of the most expensive on the market.

“Thank you, Husband. But I have been very naughty tonight. Why didn’t you wait until Christma...”
The moment the question left my mouth, I knew. He gently pulled the brush out of my hand.

“I would have waited until Christmas, but I fear your behavior, notably your language, is getting worse by the hour.”

I exhaled heavily. “I know.”

“Are you ready?”

“To be paddled with a paddle hairbrush? Are you seriously asking me this?”

Get in the Holiday Spirit with this fun, sexy story!

Red Ribbons and Blue Balls by Tia Fanning from Resplendence Publishing, LLC. Available now from

Red Ribbons and Blue Balls by Tia Fanning.
It's a Holiday Spanking Story! Everyone loves spanking stories, right? (lol)

After Winter's dominant husband, Nicolas, punishes her for being naughty, the-usually-nice-but-now-sexually-frustrated Winter arrives at their secluded mountain cabin bearing gifts-special gifts that will ensure his submission and her revenge.  With only seven days left until Christmas, Nicolas expects to spend the night decorating the house for the approaching holiday, but Winter has other plans. Christmas might be coming, but if Winter gets her way, Nicolas won't be.

I hope you will check out this fun read. If you like Spanking stories, I think this one will make you blush - in a good way. (lol)

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