Have you read Billionaire Auction?

Billionaire Auction by Brynn Paulin and Tia Fanning
After her father is caught embezzling millions, Moriah Cabraro agrees to sell herself in a Billionaire’s Auction – one weekend and her virginity awarded to the highest bidder. She’ll use the money she earns to help pay off her father’s debt. While she might appear as the doting daughter wishing to keep her father out of prison, Moriah has much more at stake than securing the freedom of a parent she despises. She’ll do whatever she has to do to keep her sister safe.

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When Kendrick Bergana gave Moriah’s father three days to return the stolen money, he never imagined the scoundrel would set up some twisted “virginity auction” and sell his daughter to one of their perverted billionaire clients.

He’ll be damned if he’s going to let Moriah prostitute herself for her greedy father. It’s not going to happen. Not if he can help it. And being a billionaire himself, he intends to make sure it doesn’t.